New GCSE's (9-1 levels) 2018 Results :
  • Ananya Chopra : [97.1% /Level 9]
  • Kruti Sodhi : [86% /Level 8]
  • Ravi Parera : [75.9% /Level 7]
  • Tim Davis : [75.5% /Level 7]
  • Primary/Junior :
  • Kavya Pillai [Year 4,Top in Class/Hermitage School]
  • Bhavya Gandhi [Year 9,Swakeleys School for Girls]
  • Ananya Shah [13+,passes with flying colours leading to Tiffin Girls' School]

Excellence is not an act, but a habit at Dr Maths

" The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education. "
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

About Us

About US

Professional and qualified Advanced Skills Teacher with over 21 years' experience. Able to work with children from age 5 to 18. Reliable and presentable individual with strong attention to detail. An adaptable individual always striving for new challenges. With a first class in Mathematics, though having a diverse job profiles and career paths, it is evident that I have retained an intact passion and love towards mathematics. Recently, gained a noteworthy confidence of teaching Mathematics as well as English to a wide range of pupils, from Lower Key Stages to A-level. Finally, we specialize in the challenging NEW 9-1 Syllabus for GCSEs Maths.

From 10:00 AM to 18:00 PM

Our Goal & Mission

  • encouraging independent thought processes and individual problem solving abilities.
  • developing a close relationship with our students to maximise the learning potential and success through to university
  • fostering ideas of self-esteem, perseverance and most importantly making learning experience enjoyable and worthwhile.


  • Huge Number of students gaining admission to the top universities in the UK i.e. the Russel group
  • More than 17 Aspiring Students going onto pursue prestigious careers in Medicine & Dentistry
  • Students as young As 14 years old having passed their GCSEs with us
  • Teaching students who have held national academic records
  • Preparing many students for leading independent schools in the UK,Such As Dr Challoner's Grammar School, Harrow Boys School & Cheltenham Women's College

Our Courses


33.25 / hr

Mathematicians have always been fascinated by numbers. One of the most famous problems is Fermat’s Last Theorem: ie if n≥3, the equation xn+yn=zn has no solutions with x, y, z all nonzero integers. An older problem is to show that one cannot construct a line of length 3√2 with ruler and compass, starting with just a unit length.


33.25 / hr

It is an opportunity for the non-native to learn from the native speaker. It is one of the great course on udemy. The Instructor is very knowledgeable about the subject. He taught complex topics in a simple and easy way which is beneficial for a non-native speaker. Well, organized course and having great contents. This course is very helpful in the long run.

Our Happy Customers


I took my daughter to the tuition for 1 year. At the end of the every tuition the Mr Narendra was not only giving feed back he was also talking the solutions for the following week. I noticed the difference for my daughter within 4 weeks as her results improved drastically at her school. I would highly recommend dr maths for everyone.

Neepam Bhatt

18 Feb 2018

As a Parent, we have found Dr Gohil super knowledgeable. Workable and very effective Teaching method. Our daughter has been attending Dr Gohil Mathematics Classes since Year 5. She has made excellent progress, especially her base has become solid. We are fully confident that by the end of her GCSEs, she will have attained mastery in her Maths. Overall, many thanks to Dr Gohil for his sheer hard work & commitment. Naren Gohil has & will make a real difference in our daughters life/Future as our little one starting in September this year, Year 4 for 11+ Exams.

Amirun Nessa Ahmed

17 Feb 2018

Top Grades in just a few months! - that’s my personal experience with Dr Maths. First, assesses the child, then comes up with tailor-cut solution & then implements it by step by step working out of each and every problem. Really Masterclass!

Tanya Singh

03 Feb 2018

First Lecturer with a genuine blend of both - i) Master of the Subject {Maths}, coupled with ii) Ability to transfer the knowledge in the most simple way. Very passionate, highly confident, always encouraging especially when you are struggling & positive attitude throughout the Year. Truly, Center for Excellence!

Prof Liz Ross

03 Feb 2018

Sir passion for teaching is beyond imagination, whether it is delivery of Professional Exams like IELTS or Mathematics. I fully dedicate my recent IELTS Bands to him & with the virtue of that going to Canada for Masters in "Robotics". Very fortunate to interact with Professional like Narendrasinh.


02 Feb 2018

His teaching methods are great. Very clear and concise. his passion and dedication is beyond words!He's patient and supportive, and above all really knows how to motivate his students, for us, this was priceless.


27 Aug 2021

" Take steps to help you see a problem clearly "

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